If you only ever read one book on personal development, then make it this one!

“The memorable stories he shares empower you to take action and combat common mistakes, unhelpful behaviours and limiting beliefs”

 “Move on from the WTF moments and avoid too many WTF’s in the future”.

“I am far better placed to face any that may creep up on me”

“…anyone can, and often seemingly does, call themselves a coach – usually of the life kind. Many of these people are more‘life bus’ than ‘life coach’! Martin is not just a coach; he is one of the most effective coaches I know, and that is the key word here - effective,  because he knows how to get people to take action. .. That is why I am extremely pleased Martin has written this book. We all have‘WTF just happened’ moments; as Martin says ~

‘It’s not the ‘WTF just happened’ moment that defines you,

but rather what you do with that ‘WTF just happened’ moment’

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“There’s a problem with self-help books; they only work if you can remember what to do. They might inspire for a while but almost inevitably the inspiration wanes, and sometimes the advice they give is well meant and yet doesn’t quite deliver what’s promised. That’s why I haven’t written a self-help book!”

“It was Confucius who said ~ ‘I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand’. Well, a book can’t make you ‘do’ but it can cause you to ‘feel’…and stories are a great way to stimulate feelings of embarrassment, laughter, frustration, joy, irritation, and so on. That’s why this book tells lots of stories. Stories with only one thing in common; avoid your own WTF just happened moment, ask a better question, and make a better decision.”

Martin Goodyer

Annie Othen, Broadcaster & Journalist

Leon Lloyd, Former Leicester & England Rugby International

Danielle Brown MBE, Professional Speaker

“Not a life bus!”

…in the words of best selling international author Jason Vale

Jason Vale, Best Selling Author

Martin Goodyer 2016© WTF Just Happened? Crown Publishing

This is not a self-help book ~The self-help bit is up to you!

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