WTF just happened?

avoiding unpleasant surprises in business!

Time - not having enough, running out, getting caught short, or simply finding there's been too much to do in whatever was available

Profitability - its disappearance, it changing from good to dreadful in a heartbeat, it being impacted by issues out of your control, or it simply not being as good as you know it can be

Growth - the lack of it, its stalling, it getting stuck at a plateau, the limiting of it by circumstance, or simply the frustration of know that there could be more of it if only you could make it happen


They’re spending a few days away on a very special development programme that’s happening in the sunshine on the island of Tenerife. They’re not on holiday, but they are enjoying the experience and are going to come back refreshed, renewed, and re-energised. They’re also going to return with a different approach to getting things done, building an even more profitable business, and growing opportunities for everyone within it. They may come back with a bit of a tan, but they’ll also come back with new skills, new tools, and a new, even more positive approach.

Away from the desk on a course

There are many things that can kill the future of a business, but worst of all is when one of them appears out of the blue as a 'WTF just happened?' moment. Of all potential nasty surprises, the three culprits that show up time and time again are;

Coming back ready for anything